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We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Marketers, LESUN GROUPS was established in the year 1999.The saga of excellence called in LESUN GROUPS began its voyage into the highly competitive world of manufacturing and marketing of detergent products.Since its formation, in LESUN GROUPS, now a familiar house hold name, has introduced a bunch of world class products viz. detergent cake, detergent powder, detergent liquid , dishwash liquid, floor cleaners, toilet cleaner, Beauty soaps and ,more LESUN GROUPS emerged as a strong and popular brand,

LESUN GROUPS was established on the vision of creating products on a “Value For Money” basis with the consumers best interest at heart.

LESUN GROUPS is one of the few names - which is instantly recognized as a true Indian brand,that took on might multinationals and went on to redefine Customer Satisfaction.

We are known amongst our large customer based as manufacturer of high quality products thatdeliver real “VALUE FOR MONEY”


Why choose Lesun?

The company As a preferred household name. LESUN GROUPS has always worked to meet the market needs and with time has launched newer range as per the future market needs. LESUN GROUPS has introduced other world class products viz. detergent cake, detergent powder, detergent liquid , dishwash liquid, floor cleaners, toilet cleaner, The company is backed by experienced and motivated professionals, two state-of-the art production facilities (at Chennai, Tamilnadu) and a well maintained transportation system.Apart from good in-frastructure it is LESUN GROUPS compliance to superior standards of product quality, safety, and environment norms that adds to its list of formula for success.

A highly specialized and motivated team of professionals two state-of-the art factories in Chennai, Tamilnadu a well-organized transportation system are all particles of the formula for success. Quality products made in our Company the most preferred brand in the relevant line. The success so far is the stepping stone for the company to emerge as a global brand.

At LESUN GROUPS, due importance is given for upgrading the products. Hence, the ultra modern research and development centre plays an important role to cater to the ever growing market requirements.

Owing to our expertise is manufacturing in Fabricare, Home Care, Dish Care, Surface Care, and personal Care we are known in the market as-LESUN GROUPS The Cleaning People. Our company’s history is traced back to 1999.An enthusiastic youngster, Mr.M.Syed Mohamad, with a passion for chemistry started the venture as a proprietary concern. ver the years, the products emerged as household name and asserted the company’s presence in a market hegemonised by multinational brands.Regal Home Care Products each brand has been catering to a specific segment and conceived to be helpful in more ways than one. Our journey in this industry as seen phase of rise & fall and we stand tall with time as a leading name. Our journey.

1.Quality Policy & Processes

LESUN GROUPS is committed to build and sustain as an organization, which is customer oriented and innovative and where quality is the hallmark of every activity”.

LESUN GROUPS, assures quality of products by keeping the requirement of the customers as the main consideration and by improving systems and procedures through involvement of employees. The organization also develops a spirit of partnership with suppliers for enhancement of business and quality objectives. It will continuously upgrade knowledge and skill to maximize efficiency of the organization and strive for improving quality of products & services offered.

LESUN GROUPS, maintains two world class production factories at Chennai, Tamilnadu. The facilities are incorporated with modern machinesfor production & packaging. Apart from these, the sophisticated R & D centre backs the company to develop innovative products and to cater to the emerging market re-quirements. A well maintained quality control unit is also available in-house of quality assessment of products. Apart from these a well maintained fleet of vehicles and capacious warehouses meet supply needs.

Constantly committed to offering better quality products and services that maximize value to the consumer, LESUN GROUPS corporate visions are to maintain an effective and constant quality management system whileregularly updating its product range in the Fabricare, Home Care, Dish Care, Surface Care, and personal Care Sectors.

Abide and comply with safety, environmental and social obligations.

Tirelessly expand into new horizons, until LESUN GROUPS becomes an internationally recognized brand and a household name to consumers worldwide.

LESUN GROUPS will continue to rémain committed to offering its valued consumers Better products, at Better value, and Better quality, for Better living.